Scoil Naomh Fiachra

Projects & Robots

ESB Science Blast Project – RDS Dublin

The Senior Room are in full swing as preparations continue for our entry into the ESB Science Blast on the 6th of March in the RDS Dublin. So far the children have undergone three different fitness tests and also three reaction tests using sound, sight and touch stimuli. We must now analyse our data and figure out if there is a relation between levels of fitness and our ability to react to different stimuli.

Coder Dojo

We recently invited Karen from Coder Dojo Kilkenny group to come and speak to students and teachers about the work they do in their coding club. Our school prides itself on our capabilities in ICT and we have been coding in our school for the past number of years. Karen showed us new approaches to delivering coding lessons and demonstrated new coding software. She provided the school with a huge amount of new coding resources and ideas. We all really enjoyed it. Thanks to Karen for giving up her morning to deliver this workshop. There are some big coding events taking place this year. Please see the links below for further information on these events.

Engineering Week 2017 – Lego Mindstorms

To celebrate ‘Engineering Week’ this week, we started a new type of coding/programming called ‘Mindstorms’. We have been using ‘Scratch’ coding for the past few weeks and this has been a great help in preparing us to use ‘Mindstorms’. The children built their own robots as part of the project and came up with there own codes which they used to control their robots. This was great fun and we aim to spend time every week improving our coding skills and building our robots. 




A massive congratulations to Conor and Liam on their group project which recently came in the top 34 out of 800 projects. The project was created using the computer program ‘Scratch’. We are very proud of the two boys.


In these pages we have included models and robots that we have made in different projects over the past few years.

There is a list of the projects below.

In each project we have a number of pages where you can find out all about the models we made for that project.
As we add details of these and other projects we will be activating the links below.


  • Glanbia Project


  • Walt Disney Theme Park


  • Don Quixote: Impossible Dreamers





  • The Robotic Nature Quiz
  • Robotic Nature Quiz Questions
  • Robotic Nature Quiz Project Outline
  • Speedo
  • Ally the Adding Alligator
  • Bomb Disposal Unit