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Middle Room

Welcome to the “Middle Room” page.

 I hope you enjoy our page !   Everyone has settled in well and we are looking forward to an exciting year ahead 🙂

Second & Third Class 2018/2019



Supporting the Kilkenny Camogie team in the All Ireland. Even though the result was not what they deserved and we hoped for, we are still very proud of them.

Children enjoyed performing the new Craze “Baby Shark ” 🙂 

The children created  silhouttee portraits. They turned out brilliant and now I  can see what goes on inside their head on a daily basis s 🙂

PE: Catching and Throwing the ball. 

Played a possession game and the children came up with rules for the game.

Project work on our locality and Ireland.

Completed Projects: Children worked so hard and enthusiastically on their projects and they should be very proud of their work. Well done to all 🙂


We went on a mini beast hunt to discover what living things are living in the school’s habitat.

June 2018

Artists at work: Children felt like “real artists” when they painted on the canvas. In Geography children learned all about the seaside and the physical features that can be found along the coast.


“Footprints in the sand”


The children gathered up all the writing they have completed during the year and they made a writing booklet so they can keep  it forever!

The children picked a county in Ireland to do their project on. I am very proud of the standard the children have set for themselves. Well done everyone !

Active week posters : Well done everyone the posters are fabulous 


We began coding in class and the children love it. We are using simple step by step instruction cards that were sent in from a Codor Dojo teacher.


Artwork: Floating in Space.

The children made planets and each child had a different planet to paint and then we created our very own solar system hanging from the roof.

The children made a fact file about each planet. 

Mosaic sunflowers influenced by Vincent Van Gogh.

Well done to the “Star of the week” and the “handwriting heros”



The children made their First holy Communion on April 28th in St. Brigid’s Church in Lisdowney.

The children  love the story “The Lost Sheep” so they made art that reminded them of the story and they were displayed on the walls in the church.

The children made a  chalice which reminds them of receiving the bread of life.


Children received a communion certificate.


Ag Siopadóireacht


Children worked really well in groups to complete a project on Eqypt. In art they made Egyptian death masks and I think you would agree they turned out amazing but very scary!!!

Well done girls, deserving winners of the writing award and star of the week !


The children learnt all about money this month. Children were split in groups and rotated to different money stations where children found many different ways of making up amounts up to €2 for 2nd class and up to €10 for 3rd class. The children also played shop and the shop keeper gave back change to their customers.




We started debating in Literacy. Children learned the techniques used for debating . Children debated whether cats or dogs were the best pets to have !



Thanks to Murina for coming in to talk to  the children about how to use the buddy bench effectively. The children had great fun with all her furry friends 🙂

Time: Children did the concept of time. It can be a tricky concept for children and I would encourage children to practice time on a  daily basis.  Below are some pictures of the children matching analogue times to digital times.

Good website with time games that the children love.


matching analogue time to digital times.



The children have settled back well after Christmas. January has been a very busy month but I think we will all be glad to see the longer evenings coming! Children are doing fantastic trying out new foods during the food dudes campaign. I hope we can convert some of them to choose fruit or veg over sweets 🙂

We studied all about the Chinese New Year and their traditions and customs. All the children identified the animal year they were born in and the characteristics associated with each animal.  Children learned a Chines New Year song and  made Dragon puppets to Parade around the room as they sang ! The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 16th this year and it is the year of the dog!

Children drew and coloured in fierce dragons.



2-D Shapes Maths Stations. Children love doing station work. The children made any picture they wanted using 2-D shapes, they put together different objects such as straws, lollipop sticks with blue tac to make 2-D shapes but are  now 3-D shapes(once you can hold a shape it is then 3-D) and they made patterns to check did the 2-D shape tessellate.



2nd class wrote a report on Polar Bears.

3rd Class first projects on animals in Antarctica.


The children studied what life is like in the Polar regions of the world. The children learnt about animals that live in the Arctic and Aantartica. Below are some pictures showing penguins they made in art using clay and then painted them. They made an igloo for them to live in using milk jugs , cotton wool and toilet roll holders and lots of glue!!

The children’s favourite activity in 2017 was imagining they were stuck in a snow globe! We had great discussions about what it would be like to be stcuk in a snow globe, some children had so much fun being stuck in one they didn’t want to ever escape !




Children enjoyed drawing their own reindeers, can you spot Rudolph!?


In PE this month we are dance. The boys and girls favourite dance is the “Maxarena”

Thanks to all the boys and girls who got involved in the shoe box appeal. I am sure there will be plenty of very happy children in Africa this Christmas.

Tables race!

Children love when we are doing Maths stations.  Counting on in 2’s 4’s 6’s , 5’s and 10’s. October

Children made haunted houses, using a black stencil haunted house and painted a spooky looking sky and added in their own spooky ideas 🙂

The monster mile was thoroughly enjoyed by all  !

We made ghost lanterns using clay and white paint . 

Dramaíocht tríd gaeilge 


Children made mats to protect the tables for when we are doing messy artwork ! 



Well done to everyone in the middle room this year. We had a fantastic year. I hope that everyone has a great summer and we’ll see you all again in August.

School Trip to Fota Wildlife Park

We have been weaving wool in art recently. We made trees and then we made tortoises. Have a look at the finished products.

Congratulations to all in the middle room who recently took part in the Scríobh Leabhar competition. Here they are with their certificates.

The winners.

First class.

Second class.

Third class.

Congratulations to second class who recently made their First Holy Communion on May 13th.

Here they are with their fantastic artwork.

Third class recently completed brilliant and informative projects on famous people from history;
  • Walt Disney
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Alice Kytler
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Tom Crean
  • Claude Monet
Well done third class!

In history, recently, we studied “The Vikings”. We learned all about them and then designed some viking shields and drew some viking portraits.

HAPPY  ST. VALENTINE’S DAY from all in the ‘Middle Room’.img_2681


In science we really enjoy predicting what we think will happen, designing and creating the experiment and then discussing the results of our experiments.

This week we made a ‘Deep sea diver’ that could float and sink. We used a pen/marker lid, a paper clip, plasticine and a large bottle of water. When we first put the ‘Diver’ into the water it floated, this is because there was a large air bubble in the marker lid. We discovered that when we squeezed the bottle, water was pushed up into the marker lid, creating a smaller air bubble and that made the diver heavier and then it sank.





Last week we used balloons, straws, string, sellotape and pegs to demonstrate a Rocket Launch. We really enjoyed this experiment too.





In art we looked at the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky and using oil pastels we recreated one of his famous paintings.


We have been learning about ancient Egypt in history recently and we designed and decorated some Ancient Egyptian death masks.


Third class continued their studies of ancient civilisations by creating their own projects on their chosen people. Well done third class!


The Aboriginal Australians


The Vikings


Ancient Greece


The Vikings


The Romans


The Maoris


Ancient Egyptians


The Aztecs


The Incas


Aboriginal Australians

Here is a picture of us before our Christmas play. Our play was called “Tinsel and Tea-towels”.


“Do you want to build a snowman?”

Here are some sock snowman that we made in December.


By 3rd Class


By 2nd Class


By 1st Class

Halloween 2016


Our fantastic costumes for Halloween 2016