Scoil Naomh Fiachra

Junior Room

Welcome to the Junior Room’s Page

In our class this year there are 21 students from Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class. We will keep you updated, on this page, on all of the fun and interesting things that we do in school.

Happy Halloween from the Junior Room


First class have been busy writing procedures this month. They wrote a procedure about ‘How to carve a pumpkin’ and then they carved a pumpkin for the classroom. They also wrote about ‘How to make chocolate biscuit cake’ which they then went on to make, eat and share with the whole class.

October was a very busy month in the Junior Room. Our theme of the month was the farm and we completed lots of farm related activities. We built farms in construction, we read the books ‘Farmer Duck’ and ‘Molly’s Supper’ and we recreated scenes from these stories, we built farms, milking parlours and barns in junk art, we played with the farm in small world and we even set up a farm shop in the socio-dramatic play area. Here are some pictures of our farm related activities.

In October, we also read the story ‘Owl Babies’, we then used this story as a stimulus for two lovely art lessons where we used brown crepe paper and paper plates to create Mummy Owl and we used pom-poms dipped in white paint to create Sarah, Percy and Bill.

Autumn was also used as a stimulus for an art lesson on ‘Autumn Trees’, where we used cotton wool and autumn themed paints to create an autumn tree.

Junior and Senior Infants have been busy in maths where they have been using comparisons. They have also been working hard in English using their magnetic letters to build words. Here are some pictures of them at work.

First Class have been enjoying playing oral language games such as Hedbandz and Articulate.

Self Portraits – September 2017

First Day of School 

Work that we are proud of – September 2017

On this board we display some of our best work. First Class were focusing on recount writing for September and they published their recounts on the laptops.

Sorting Sets in Maths

Junior Infants have learned the first group of sounds. Here they are making words with their magnetic letters.

Houses and Homes

It has been a busy month in the Junior Room. Our theme for this month has been ‘Houses and Homes’. We looked at different types of homes in geography, discussed the different materials used to build homes, read the story of ‘The 3 little pigs’, built the homes of ‘The 3 little pigs’ in art, played house with our new kitchen, labelled the rooms of the home, built houses with Lego in construction, built houses in the sand box, built houses in junk art, discussed and drew our journeys from our own homes to school, and played house in our ‘Small world area’. I think that everyone really enjoyed this theme. Here are some pictures of this work.