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Active School Flag Renewal 2020-2021

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    We are trying to renew our active flag this year.To learn more about the Active School initiative, visit their website by clicking on the link

Our active school committee is busy planning lots of ways to keep the pupils and staff healthy and active during these strange pandemic times.

The committee are currently choosing three of the fifteen fundamental movement skills for our school to focus on after Christmas, as part of our commitment to the Active Schools initiative.

The 2020/2021 Committee includes pupil representatives from 1st – 6th Class: Lilia-Jane, Mya, Olivia,Seán, Tara-Rose, Emma, Charlotte and Cillian.


Local Sports Hero Challenge April 30th: Kilkenny Camogie Allstar 🙂

Claire Phelan is from Lisdowney and is a Kilkenny Camogie player. She plays full back or centre back on the Kilkenny team. She is our local hero and all the boys and girls look up to her . Many of the girls aspire to be on the Kilkenny camogie team just like Claire. Claire set a knock the hurl challenge. The children had great fun doing it and the atmosphere in the school was brilliant last Friday. In the Junior Room we had a few children knock the hurl once and we had one girl knock it twice ! In the Middle Room a few children knocked the hurl once and one person knocked it twice also. In  the Senior room a few children knocked it once and again one child knocked it twice ! Well done to everyone who took part. 

The Children took on the challenge with great excitement and determination. Well done to all :). 



Go Handball

Lisdowney GAA

Lisdowney hurling visited the school after a sensational win in the county final in October 2020.  Well done, such a brilliant achievement. 

Thanks to Brian Ryan who is the GAA Development Officer who visits our school regularly and trains the middle room hurling skills.


Paws Water Safety

Children learned all about water safety and designed water safety posters.

Useful websites

Physical Activity

Active Homework

Active Walkway

Our Active Walkway is up and running. Over the coming weeks we hope to use the walkway while engaging in other subjects. 


Run Around Ireland Challenge

The Children participated in a Run around Ireland Challenge.  A lap of the school and pitch was equal to one kilometre, all students kilometre was added together and each day/week the children reached different landmarks around Ireland such as Clara Bog, The Cliffs of Moher and Kilkenny castle. The children loved reaching their target landmark. 


Active Movement Breaks 2020-2021

In term 1, all classes participated in at least two active movement breaks for 4 weeks before Christmas. The teachers and children found it really helped them work harder and focus better. Children did various different types of active movement breaks from running around the school, to a quick hurling session, to dance to yoga, to name but a few ! As part of our movement break initiative the whole school did a run to Croker to tie in with the hurling and  football All Ireland’s happening in December. The whole school ran/walked a total of 102km over the course of the 4 weeks. Well done to all !  We will definitely keep up the active movement breaks for the year.

Completed Run to Croker Chart


 Monster mile

Well Being & Physical Education

There are 6 PE Strands in the curriculum. The strands are Athletics, Dance, Games, Swimming, Gymnastics and Outdoor and  Adventure .To achieve an active flag status at east 5 of the 6 strands must be covered. Each year we normally go swimming but this year  due to the pandemic we are going to do the strand of gymnastics instead.

Whole School PE PLAN

Children do all 6 strands every year and a 3 year plan has been put in place to cover all the Fundamental movement skills which help children develop important skills.

Whole School PE PLAN

April & May Gymnastics

The children are really enjoying gymnastics this month. We are hoping to buy some more equipment for it soon. 

What time is it Mr Wolf? 

Landing game with Fundamental movement skill: landing


In March &  the first week in April the children did Athletics  and they really enjoyed it.


In December and January(remote learning)  all classes did Dance. Each class participated in dance lessons outdoors and the Junior room were able to do some dance indoors as well. The Fundamental movement we are working towards in Dance is the side step. Each class has been learning the Cha Cha slide to incorporate the side step into their dance.


Our campaign to become a recognised ‘Active School‘ has gone extremely well. Following a visit from the ASF inspector, on 31st May 2016, we are now officially a recognised Active School.  The inspector was very impressed with all of our hard work and commended us on how active we are. Following his visit we received our ASF certificate and our AS Flag which is now hanging beside our Green School Flag and Irish flag. Well done to everyone for all of their hard work.

Active Week 2017 will take place from Sunday June 11th – Friday June 16th. There are many exciting and fun activities organised for this week, including a fun run on Sunday June 11th, sport’s day on June 13th and school tours on June 15th and lots more. 

Our ‘Walk a Mile’ every Friday has been a great success and our ‘Drop Everything and Dance’ on Wednesdays has been great fun too. These and many more activities are planned for the last term.

Our ‘Active Week’ 2015 which included an ‘Active School Tour’, ‘Our Sports Day’, ‘Our 6km School Walk’, visit from Kilkenny hurler Michael Fennelly, agility and core class with Teresa Dunphy and many more activities all took place between the 8th and 14th June 2015.

Active Week 2016 ran from June 7th – June 12th. This week included ‘Our Sports Day’, ‘Our 6km School Walk’, a trip to Jenkinstown Woods for orienteering with Pat Farrell, agility and core class with Teresa Dunphy and many more activities too.

Again, a big thank you to Ms Fennelly who has been working so hard in coordinating all of the above activities.

Useful websites:

Active School flag

Get Ireland Active

Get Ireland Walking

Irish Heart Foundation

Safe Food

HSE – Physical activity fact sheet for parents

RSA – Safe cross code

Again this Halloween we took part in a “Monster Mile”, the children dressed up in their Halloween costumes and we walked a mile around the school. 









As part of the ASF process we talked about ‘active travel’. The children learned about staying safe while taking part in ‘active travel’ through the SAFE CROSS CODE. Click MVI_2098 to see the middle room singing and dancing to the SAFE CROSS CODE.

We went orienteering with Pat Farrell in Jenkinstown Woods as part of our Active School Week 2016. We had a brilliant day and thanks to Pat for planning all of the activities.

IMG_1157[1] IMG_1141[1] IMG_1146[1] IMG_1150[1]


On Friday of Active Week this year, Teresa Dunphy took us to her clinic to do core and agility activities. We had a brilliant time and thanks again to Teresa for giving up her time to give the classes to us.


IMG_1190[1] IMG_1178[1] IMG_1184[1] IMG_1193[1]


We recently had a loan of some fantastic athletics equipment which the whole school got to use and enjoy. Here are some pictures of the children using the equipment.









Here are some photos of ‘Active Week’ 2015 and other active school activities.


Some of our “monsters” at the “Monster Mile”, Halloween 2015.


“Monster Mile”




Can you guess who these “monsters” are?


The “middle room” learning some new skills from Kilkenny hurler Michael Fennelly.


“Wake up, shake up” dance routines during “Active Week” 2015.


The whole school had a great day with Kilkenny hurler Michael Fennelly.


The ‘middle room’ all set for the active school tour.


Orienteering with Ms. Fennelly


Senior Infants 2015, sack race.


Class of 2015 on their last school tour with Scoil Naomh Fiachra.


Zorbee ball fun.


Penalty shoot-out against Mr. Robinson.


Active school tour.


“We walked another mile!”


Our active diaries.


The ‘senior room’ with Mr. Robinson in front of the wrecking ball.


The ‘junior room’ went to The Playstation and the Castle park for their active school tour.