Scoil Naomh Fiachra

Springfield News Bulletin

Clontubrid Network News (CNN)

News Bulletin Script

This is the script that was written for the news bulletin which was recorded to accompany the project. The news bulletin was recorded as a series of .wav files and was turned into a PowerPoint presentation with a set of background photographs to illustrate the reporters and the locations from which they were reporting. Some of the pupils also wrote a little theme tune for the news bulletin.

Studio Introduction

Welcome to 6.02 news bulletin from CNN. The main news this evening is that there was a major earthquake in Springfield. The earthquake was so powerful that serious damage was done to the Isotope Nuclear Power Station. The Power Station cannot safely hold the nuclear waste, so an emergency operation will have to be carried out, to transport all the nuclear waste across town, to the mines. There it can be safely disposed of by being buried deep underground in a disused mineshaft. Now live from the Isotope Power Station we have _____________________ reporting.

Power Station

Here at the power station the scene is chaotic. A team of workers is loading the nuclear waste into the truck. There are about twenty workers watching and waiting. Many are afraid that if there is an accident or a leak, they and the whole population of Springfield will die. However, the emergency crew is confident that this operation will run successfully. Yet we all know that there are obstacles in the way, buildings down, trees down and who knows what else. We will just have to wait and see what happens. That’s all from the Isotope Power Station. Now back to the newsroom.

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Studio 1

Thank you ___________________. Now I’ll hand you over to _______________ reporting live from the bridge over the River Homer.


We’re here at the bridge overlooking the River Homer. Before the earthquake the bridge was in the upright position, and still is. There is concern that the earthquake may have done damage to the bridge and it mightn’t be possible to lower it in time for the truck to cross. An engineering crew is trying to repair the lowering mechanism. But it’s a race against time. It looks like they may succeed. That’s all from me. Now I’ll hand you back to the newsroom.

Studio 2

Thank you _________________. We will go straight over now to our on-the-spot reporter ___________________ in Evergreen Terrace.

Evergreen Terrace

We’re here at Evergreen Terrace where a fallen building is blocking the road. A second truck is waiting on the other side of the rubble. The men from the first truck are transferring the nuclear waste to the other truck. Everyone is silent. If the container is dropped or damaged the nuclear waste will leak. It looks like they will get it to the other truck safely. Now I’ll hand you back to the news room.

Studio 3

Thank you ____________________. Now we go straight over to the junction at the end of Evergreen Terrace, where we have __________________ reporting.

Evergreen Terrace Junction

Here at Evergreen Terrace junction, the truck, which is carrying the nuclear waste, is on its way. It is expected here any minute now. It will come to the junction. Does the driver know he has to go straight? If he goes right, down Millhouse St. there is a massive fire. It occurred at the time of the earthquake because it snapped high-powered electric cables. If the truck goes left, down Burns Boulevard, the Springfield Elementary School has collapsed and is blocking the road. Bart Simpson and all his friends are having a party. His sister Lisa is crying. It looks like the crew of the truck realise the dangers. The truck is heading straight towards the mine. Now I’ll hand you back to the news room.

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Studio 4

Thank you _____

____________ . I’ll pass you over now to the mines where the truck has arrived and ___________________ is reporting.


We are here at the mines now where the men from the truck are off-loading the nuclear waste. It is going to be stored 400 metres underground in a disused mineshaft. It is going to be buried as far underground as possible. The men are going to offload the nuclear waste from the side of the truck and lower it down the mine. We can only wait and hope for the best. But for now it’s back to the news room.

Studio 5

Thank you ______________ . I’ll now send you to our next reporter, _________________, who is talking to us from the Town Hall.

Town Hall

We have been talking to Mayor Quimby, and he is delighted that the whole operation went as planned. Now that the nuclear waste has been made safe, the rescue work can continue. He hopes that there won’t be too many casualties and that life in Springfield can soon return to normal.

Studio 6

Thank you ________________. That’s it from CNN for this evening. Now we have the weather, brought to you by Telecom Springfield.