Scoil Naomh Fiachra

Voting Paper Introduction

A New Election System

George Bush Al Gore Ralph Nader
George Bush
Al Gore
Ralph Nader

We decided to do this project because of the problems which the Americans had with their election results.

Many people made mistakes on their voting cards and we would like to give them a chance to correct these mistakes. The biggest problem was in the state of Florida. Lots of people voted for the wrong person because the candidates’ names were across from each other and the holes to punch were under each other.

Many people voted for the wrong person and were unable to correct their mistake. The elections took place on November 7th, 2000 and two weeks later there was still no result. The whole world was watching to see what would happen. The people of America were losing interest in the whole election and getting embarrassed because so many countries were looking at them.

Eventuallythe problem was settled in the courts but for a long time no new president had been elected. We are trying to give them a new way of electing their president so that this problem will not happen again. Our ideas are simple and sometimes the simple ideas can be the best.