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Alice Kyteler Story

Dame Alice Kyteler: The Witch of Kilkenny

About 600 years ago there lived a woman called Alice Kytler. She lived in Kilkenny.

She was married four times. She married William Outlaw, Adam Le Blound, Richard De Valle and John Le Poer.

All her four husbands died. People said that Dame Alice poisoned her four husbands.

Dame Alice had a maid called Petronella of Meath. Alice also had a son called William. People said that William could change into a black cat or a dog.

Some while later Alice was brought to jail. Then Alice was going to be burned at the stake.

But one night she escaped. The next morning they could not find her. So then her maid Petronella was burned as a witch.

The fire got bigger and the flames raged. Then the flames died down and Petronella’s ashes were left.

Alice Kyteler
This is Alice Kyteler coming out of her castle.