Scoil Naomh Fiachra

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Assessment and Reporting Policy


To view our Assessment and Reporting Policy please click on this link.


It is the policy of Scoil Naomh Fiachra to assess pupils’ progress in curricular areas on a continuous basis. Continuous Assessment includes the following:

  • Teacher observation;
  • Teacher designed tasks and tests;
  • Pupils’ work, projects and portfolios, including e-portfolios;
  • Self-Assessment by pupils (SALF);
  • Pupil Profiles;
  • Samples of pupils work;
  • Record Keeping;
  • Annual Report.


This continuous assessment will form the basis of Parent/Teacher consultations.

Standardised Tests will be administered annually (or at other times as decided by the Learning Support Teacher) and discussed with parents at parent teacher meetings. At present these are the Micra-T and Sigma-T Tests. These tests will be conducted during the month of May.


It is the policy of the school to issue written reports to parents once per academic year. The results of pupil assessments will form the basis of these reports. End of year written reports should be:

  • clear, concise and factual,
  • completed in consultation with the Learning Support Teacher and/or Resource Teacher, where relevant,
  • presented to the Principal and a copy of the report entered into the pupil file,
  • signed and dated by the class teacher,
  • Include Sten scores from Micra and Sigma T Tests,
  • Posted home at least two weeks before the school closes for summer holidays to allow for parents to consult with teachers. (Stamped addressed envelopes to be provided by each family),
  • Education passport template to be used in sixth class and include Sten Scores from 2nd, 4th and 6th


Assessment of Pupils for Supplementary Teaching

Tests are organised by the Learning Support Teacher in conjunction with the class teachers as per Learning Support Policy. Tests used:

  • Standardised Tests,
  • Diagnostic Tests,
  • Ability Tests (Verbal and Non-Verbal).


Screening Tests and Standardised Tests are administered on a class basis. Pupils who score at or below the 10th percentile or pupils about whom teachers have concerns are referred to the Learning Support Teacher for assessment using diagnostic/ability tests.

Screening tests are given to all pupils in Senior Infants in the month of March. This may be the Drumcondra Early Literacy Test or the Jolly Phonics Test or both.


Non Reading Intelligence Test (NRIT) will be given to all pupils in second class.


Reporting on Individual Pupils to Outside Agencies

All requests should be notified to the Principal. When the report is complete, it should be sent to the Principal for forwarding to the Outside Agency. The Staff member should keep a copy of the report and a copy should be kept in the school records. A copy of the request should also be kept on file, together with the reason why the report was sought.


The Principal will have the discretion to bring any sensitive reports, or requests for reports, to the Board of Management for their attention, advice or direction.


Reporting of Aggregate Scores

An aggregate score for 2nd, 4th and 6th class for both Literacy and Numeracy will be reported to the Department of Education and Skills through the Esinet system every June. These results will also be reported to the Board of Management at the end of each school year.